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Management and Leadership training courses

  • Appraisals and Feedback

    The appraisal of staff is a fundamental part of the manager's or supervisor's role. Appraisal and feedback systems not only help organisations to review individual job performance, they also enable staff to identify and manage their own developmental needs. This course will help you conduct...
    Appraisals and Feedback - Full Details
  • Being a Leader

    •Are you managing but need to be leading?•Having trouble identifying how to be a proactive leader?•Need to know how to make an impact with your leadership?•Want to improve your credibility and trustworthiness?•Need to think more strategically rather than...
    Being a Leader - Full Details
  • Building a Confident and Assertive Team

    On this course delegates will learn how to present a confident and professional image of their organisation through effective communication and adopting a resourceful mental state.It will show how to build rapport through the appropriate use of tone and body language, and how to manage...
    Building a Confident and Assertive Team - Full Details
  • Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring is a powerful enabler of organisational performance improvement. Our coaching and mentoring experts encourage the development of a wide range of approaches to equip the coach to work in a way that is skilful, authentic and most effective.
    Coaching and Mentoring - Full Details
  • Coaching for Results

    To help you, this course will improve your understanding of the coaching process, develop your coaching skills and enable you to introduce coaching back in the workplace.
    Coaching for Results - Full Details
  • Develop Great Performance

    Develop Great Performance - Full Details
  • Energisers Develop Your Potential

    This interactive workshop will provide you with a range of tools and techniques that you will be able to use time and time again to help you to continuously develop your potential. Taking the time to think about developing your potential can reap rewards for you and your organisation.Today many...
    Energisers Develop Your Potential - Full Details
  • Energisers Setting SMARTer Objectives

    Having clear objectives gives everyone a fighting chance to achieve them; however in many roles it is hard to identify clear measurements of success. We all need direction to ensure that our efforts are being applied effectively and to fuel our motivation. Setting SMART objectives can be a powerful...
    Energisers Setting SMARTer Objectives - Full Details
  • Energisers Time Management And Delegation

    Finding even three hours to attend this session will, no doubt, be a challenge however it will be worth it! Managing your time effectively is crucial to your working day. It will help you achieve your objectives; keep your internal and external customers happy by hitting your deadlines and,...
    Energisers Time Management And Delegation - Full Details
  • Facilitating Meetings

    This course is suitable for all people who are required to chair meetings. Meetings can often be tedious, irrelevant and sometimes an actual waste of time. On the other hand, they should be inspiring, decisive and something that people actually want to attend. This 1 day seminar is designed to help...
    Facilitating Meetings - Full Details
  • ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Skills

    With increasing pressure to produce better results with less resources, leadership and management capabilities are more important than ever. This programme develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours which are needed by highly effective people managers.Programme duration approx 7 months,...
    ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management Skills - Full Details
  • Interview and Hire the Right People

    •Do you need to interview and hire staff?•Do you worry about selecting the right candidate for your organisation?•Do you want to make sure your organisation gets the most long-term benefit from your new people?The selection of staff is not...
    Interview and Hire the Right People - Full Details
  • Introduction to Leadership

    •Do you need to lead a team?•Do you want to be able to achieve your targets and objectives?•Do you want to develop the people in your team to achieve their best performance?Team leading skills are an essential part of today’s management...
    Introduction to Leadership - Full Details
  • Introduction to Management

    Designed for: Newly appointed supervisors or managers who have some experience, but have had no formal training.
    Introduction to Management - Full Details
  • Leadership Presence

    This inspirational two day development programme will help you achieve greater personal and business success, by increasing the impact you have on those working for and with you. The programme is highly participative and experiential. You will be engaged and involved in a journey of self-discovery,...
    Leadership Presence - Full Details
  • Leadership: Great Leaders Great Teams Great Results

    FranklinCovey's Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results program takes a process-oriented approach to developing great leaders who learn how to:1. Build trust and influence with others.2. Define their team's purpose and their “job to be done.”3. Create a strategic...
    Leadership: Great Leaders Great Teams Great Results - Full Details
  • Leading Successful Change

    Leading successful change requires unfaltering commitment, skill and technique. The complexity of change can be so overwhelming that many managers simply don't know where to start. Whether you want to learn how to manage organisational change or are in a position of restructuring or reorganising,...
    Leading Successful Change - Full Details
  • Leading Technical Teams

    This experiential course weaves classroom theory with immediate practical application.
    Leading Technical Teams - Full Details
  • Leading Virtual Teams

    •Are you managing a team of people who do not directly report to you?•Are members of your team spread across the country / Europe / the World?•Are there cultural ‘tribes’ within your team?•Do you need to communicate and manage / lead in a...
    Leading Virtual Teams - Full Details
  • Learning For Growth Innovative Leadership - Virtual Classroom

    Learning For Growth Innovative Leadership - Virtual Classroom - Full Details
  • Learning Summit - Scanning the Leadership Horizon

    Learning Summit - Scanning the Leadership Horizon - Full Details
  • Make Change Happen

    •Do you want to learn how to manage organisational change?•Are you in a position of restructuring or reorganising in your workplace?•Do you want to make sure you get support and commitment from your teams during change?•Are you in need of a...
    Make Change Happen - Full Details
  • Making a Business Case

    It is generally acknowledged that the business case is probably the most critical document to be found in the project management plan. Despite this there remains considerable confusion over why it is required, its content and who should create, approve and maintain it. Accordingly business cases...
    Making a Business Case - Full Details
  • Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations

    •Do you want to understand your own and other people’s motivations?•Are you keen to develop positive, productive working relationships?•Do you want to build trust and respect with your colleagues?•Are you keen to reduce or avoid conflict in...
    Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations - Full Details
  • Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations Includes SDI

    This course will look at the cause of conflict and where people's motivational factors can create barriers to successful outcomes. Determining helpful and healthy resolution strategies when in difficult circumstances will ensure that you will contribute to a positive outcome and enhance people's...
    Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations Includes SDI - Full Details
  • Manage the Team

    •Are you managing a team?•Would you like to be able to schedule resources?•Do you want creative ideas to come easily?•Do you need to motivate a group of people to work for you?•Are you dealing with things reactively rather than proactively...
    Manage the Team - Full Details
  • Manager to Leader

    This course will help you to grow the talent of your team; increasing their engagement and productivity. It will give you insights into how you can operate proactively rather than reactively. You will learn how to communicate your vision to your team and gain their buy-in.
    Manager to Leader - Full Details
  • Managing Budgets

    This programme is a blend of highly interactive training exercises and expert teaching. It delivers and embeds the key skills and knowledge needed to manage budgets. The workshop includes an introduction to key financial terminology and a combination of short exercises that have been designed to...
    Managing Budgets - Full Details
  • Managing People in Projects

    •Do you need your projects to perform strongly against their objectives?•Do you want to gain commitment from your project team? People are one of the most important parts of a project, but people management skills are often overlooked in favour of technical skills by project...
    Managing People in Projects - Full Details
  • Performance Management

    This course focuses on performance management as a continuous process that drives development. It looks at techniques that recognize and implement solutions to support long term results. We’ll help you learn how to manage awkward issues and conversations without postponing or sugar...
    Performance Management - Full Details
  • Recruitment And Selection

    This practical one-day recruitment and selection course provides delegates with the skills, knowledge and confidence to recruit and select the right team member for the job.
    Recruitment And Selection - Full Details
  • Stepping up to Management

    This course is a blend of highly interactive training sessions which will embed the key skills needed to succeed in management.
    Stepping up to Management - Full Details
  • Stepping Up to Management

    •Are you new to supervising or team leading?•Do you find it hard communicating what you want in a clear and compelling way?•Do you need to give people work to do and monitor how it gets done?•Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you...
    Stepping Up to Management - Full Details
  • Supervisor Training

    This 1 day course is designed to give new and existing supervisors (recently promoted or no formal training) with the underpinning knowledge and skills to be exceptional team managers.The course focuses on exceptional leadership skills, managing staff, reporting back, delegation and how to...
    Supervisor Training - Full Details
  • Technical Team Leading

    •Are you new to supervising or managing a team?•Would you like to be able to schedule resources more effectively?•Do you need to know how to motivate your team?•Do meetings get hijacked or end in conflict rather than producing solutions with...
    Technical Team Leading - Full Details
  • The 7 Habits for Managers

    The 7 Habits for Managers - Full Details
  • Time Management & Delegation

    Time Management & Delegation - Full Details