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Personal Effectiveness training courses

  • Advanced Selling Skills

    This programme is designed to:Ask delegates to consider aspects of skills understood and used by successful sales people. The day will be a mixture of subject theory, discussion and skills building exercises.
    Advanced Selling Skills - Full Details
  • Appreciating Emotional Intelligence

    A landmark study of over 42,000 managers and CEOs has found that our Emotional intelligence (EI) is the single biggest factor for success. People with well developed EI tend to achieve more, have greater influence and are generally happier in what they do. The great news is that EI is a skill not a...
    Appreciating Emotional Intelligence - Full Details
  • Assert Yourself & Build Confidence

    Do you need to improve your effectiveness when negotiating and working with others?Do you want to benefit from being able to communicate your needs honestly, openly and directly?Do you want to achieve real results, that benefit both you and the other party? While behaving assertively may...
    Assert Yourself & Build Confidence - Full Details
  • Commercial Awareness

    •Do you need to develop your skills as a commercially focused professional?•Do you need to understand critical business issues?•Do you want to improve your ability to spot business opportunities? In today’s increasingly competitive environment people in specialist roles...
    Commercial Awareness - Full Details
  • Concise Minute Taking

    •Do you find your working life is a succession of meetings?•Do you need to make sure you’ve got an accurate record of your meetings, including effectively capturing actions?•Would you like to remove your fear of taking minutes? For everything from a formal AGM to weekly...
    Concise Minute Taking - Full Details
  • Core Consultancy Skills

    This course takes participants through the key stages of defining and delivering a consultancy project.It is a must for those new to consulting or for teams who wish to develop a consistent approach to their projects This course is endorsed by the Institute of Consulting and participants can...
    Core Consultancy Skills - Full Details
  • Creative Thinking

    What is creative thinking? Sir Ken Robinson describes it as 'having ideas that add value'. It is becoming generally accepted that in these uncertain times, the ability to think in new and innovative ways is essential in order to not only survive but thrive when facing future challenges.There is a...
    Creative Thinking - Full Details
  • Develop Your Potential

    This interactive workshop will provide you with a range of tools and techniques that you will be able to use time and time again to help you to continuously develop your potential. Taking the time to think about developing your potential can reap rewards for you and your organisation.Today many...
    Develop Your Potential - Full Details
  • Effective Time Management

    Sometimes hard work and long hours aren’t enough to keep you on top of it all. There simply doesn’t seem to be enough time. You want new tactics to help you work more efficiently, and tackle your time challenges and the pressure effectively. In one day, you’ll discover how you...
    Effective Time Management - Full Details
  • Finance for Non - Financial Managers

    •Do you need to be able to interpret key financial statements quickly and effectively?•Do you want to be aware of the warning signals before there’s a problem?•Do you want to be confident that you can make the best possible decisions on the capital projects your...
    Finance for Non - Financial Managers - Full Details
  • Fundamentals of Selling

    Fundamentals of Selling provides an overview of the basics of selling with an emphasis on the different stages of the sales cycle. It provides guidelines and best practices for preparing to sell, finding and qualifying prospects, making sales presentations, negotiating the close, and following up...
    Fundamentals of Selling - Full Details
  • ILM Level 2 Award In Effective Team Member Skills

    Effective teamwork and communication are at the heart of employee productivity and job satisfaction. This programme ensures all team-workers have the foundation skills, knowledge and behaviours to make a valuable contribution to their teams.Programme duration approx 3 months, consisting of pre...
    ILM Level 2 Award In Effective Team Member Skills - Full Details
  • ILM Level 2 Award In Leadership And Team Skills

    This programme is designed to help team-leaders and supervisors identify the key differences between working within a team, and assisting in the supervision of a team, and to provide them with practical tools to support them.Programme duration approx 5 months, consisting of pre course work, 3...
    ILM Level 2 Award In Leadership And Team Skills - Full Details
  • ILM Level 5 In Leadership And Management

    Those in middle to senior management roles face a multitude of challenges on a day-to-day basis whilst being accountable for driving motivation and achieving goals throughout their teams and the organisation. This programme focuses on how to drive organisational performance through people by using...
    ILM Level 5 In Leadership And Management - Full Details
  • ILM Marking

    ILM Marking - Full Details
  • Make Meetings Work

    •Do you want your meetings to be successful?•Do you want to ensure your contribution at meetings, either as a participant or the chairperson, is structured, constructive and appropriate? Meetings are vital for management and communication. Properly run meetings save time, increase...
    Make Meetings Work - Full Details
  • Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations

    •Do you want to understand your own and other people’s motivations?•Are you keen to develop positive, productive working relationships?•Do you want to build trust and respect with your colleagues?•Are you keen to reduce or avoid conflict in...
    Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations - Full Details
  • Managing Stress

    The programme is run over one day and provides essential ‘real life’ tools for delegates to become aware of the destructive force of stress and how to manage and indeed enhance there performance, so that stress becomes a positive part of life as opposed to potentially becoming destructive.
    Managing Stress - Full Details
  • Organising Work and Time

    •Do you want to make sure you’re achieving the most from the time available?•Do you want to be able to achieve your high-priority goals•Do you want to be able to identify, and solve, your key time management issues? Time cannot be saved, the clock ticks relentlessly....
    Organising Work and Time - Full Details
  • Organising Work And Time Virtual Class

    Organising Work And Time Virtual Class - Full Details
  • Professional Minute Taking

    The aim of our Minute taking course is to help delegates to take and write better minutes of meetings and to do so more easily and speedily. It covers working with the Chair, preparation, summarising, formatting the agenda and the minutes, taking good (but not copious) notes and writing clear...
    Professional Minute Taking - Full Details
  • Professional PA Skills

    To understand the role of the PA, how to manage situations and communicate effectivelyLearn how to take on the role and responsibilities of an PA Increased work effectiveness for individuals through better understanding and application of the key responsibilities involved in this job...
    Professional PA Skills - Full Details
  • Professional Receptionist Skills

    To understand the importance of the receptionist's role and project the best image for your company Increased work effectiveness for individuals through better understanding and application of the key responsibilities involved in this job role Workbook with practical exercises and...
    Professional Receptionist Skills - Full Details
  • QA Competency Based Management Seminar

    QA Competency Based Management Seminar - Full Details
  • Report Writing for Business

    •Do you need to be able to communicate information effectively and concisely?•Do you want to be able to get your point across in the most planned, structured, concise and persuasive manner?•Do you want people to give your reports the attention they deserve? Report writing is...
    Report Writing for Business - Full Details
  • Respond to change

    Respond to change - Full Details
  • Solve Problems and Make Decisions

    •Do you want to be able to invent solutions that are both highly creative and effective?•Do you need to make sure your creative solutions are practical enough to implement? Today’s competitive business world requires innovative solutions to many of our daily problems. Creative...
    Solve Problems and Make Decisions - Full Details
  • Successful Job Interviews

    This one-day seminar is perfect for anyone who needs to develop and improve their interview skills and maximise their potential. It is for people who wish to learn how to maximise their potential at interviews. During the seminar, you will learn skills to help you get the best out of the job...
    Successful Job Interviews - Full Details
  • Telephone Techniques

    This 1 day course has been designed from our popular and successful 1.5 day telephone techniques course. We have been asked many times to scale the course back to provide the fundamental skills required to be effective whilst using the phone. Therefore due to the popularity of this 1 day course we...
    Telephone Techniques - Full Details